Sagaza Madrid SS19 The Reborn Collection reflects the free spirit and allure of powerful and courageous women.

Conservative roots are becoming rebellious against modern and futuristic structures. The collection represents strong and rebellious women who create their own modern and independent attitudes.

Inspirational source for Reborn Collection is Shakespeare’s interpretation of love the female figure in ‘Romeo & Juliet’. Reflectig the romantic and the nostalgic. Deriving from Spanish and Bohemian roots, collection presents the experience of the rebirth of impeccable bohemianism and describes Desert festivals symbolising the bohemian.


Soft and pastel colours mirror playful romance and femininity behind the Sagaza Woman. Sophisticated and assertive pieces delicately allow the body to shine through the silky and soft textures.


Chiffon, soft tulle, lace and ruffles form a tension between the visible and the invisible within the sphere of different transparencies.

With this game of transparencies, a soft provocation and feminine aura is illuminated in the pieces underlining the idea of the reimagining of whimsical sensuality through romantic tulle and sheer details.

Modern and elegant expression of traditional.