The story of Sagaza begins with a Turkish woman walking through the mysterious streets of Andalusia where she starts out with the passion for fashion…

Zelia Kaçar, who is the co-founder and still the chief designer of the brand, was studying at Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid. When she was currently working on her school thesis she meets designer Antonio Alvarado and shows her sketches. Spanish designer immediately offers a job to her in his company. In a very short period, Zelia finds herself designing her knitwear collection, which will be on display at the Cibeles Fashion Week in Madrid. In addition to her interest in design, her interest in production brings her together with Baki Süslüer in İstanbul and production starts in İstanbul.

Zelia’s determination and successful works helps her to climb the career ladder quickly. The real story begins after that. Antonio Alvarado helps to happen Zelia Kaçar’s opportunity to contract with Kalfe company. Shortly after graduation, Zelia takes on the design of Kalfe’s ready-to-wear nightwear brand in Europe. The collection is called ”Sagaza’’.

Established to bring a new understanding to Spain’s night dresses, Sagaza was one of the most prominent brands of the SIMM-Madrid International Fashion Fair in 2008. Produced in Turkey and sold in Spain until 2009. The brand became known in Turkey with his achievements abroad.

The special demands coming from the Istanbul Showroom which is established for the export of abroad, brings out the idea of designing personal clothes. The pleasure of personal fashion design, creating more permanent and unique memories, the privilege of clothes which actually tell stories, has a separate place in the heart of Zelia
At the end of the same year, Zelia Kaçar decides to move from ready-to-wear to Couture. She takes over the name ‘Sagaza Madrid’ from Kalfe and becomes partner with Baki Süslüer.

And they constitute the origins of the company in İstanbul which works with designers who lead the field from abroad and Turkey.  Today Sagaza services to the all world as a couture design nightwear and bridal fashion house.
Sagaza Madrid, which is based on retail in Spain, continues to its voyage with special designs, reaching out to people for over 10 years from Turkey to the Middle East, Europe, North and South America…